The Most Renowned Asset Management System on the Market!

First and foremost, what we are about is delivering the newest innovative technology solutions to the hospitality industry for their linen, uniform, and laundry needs.

Since 1999, Foundation Logic Systems has been developing and implementing pioneering programs that enable hotels, resorts, casinos, theme parks, laundries and other uniform and linen intensive industries worldwide to accurately and cost-effectively track and manage assets.

At the heart of what we do is our software design capabilities. Our goal for every product we create is to grow your bottom line by increasing inventory visibility while reducing labor hours from the processes. Our solutions let you know where your assets are at all times and they automate the replacement and purchasing procedure, insuring that new inventory is ordered only when needed.

Foundation Logic was the first asset management provider to deploy UHF RFID tags in North America for commercial laundry applications.

By applying the latest technologies, our systems allow companies to gain better insight into inventory levels and status, while reducing operational costs, delivering on time and on budget results. This business philosophy is paramount to our goal of providing the most advanced and comprehensive solutions on the market today, and in the future.

We have recently partnered with HID Global, a worldwide leader in innovative RFID tag manufacturing, to introduce their new 300 cycle, easily applied, and reliable LinTag. This partnership allows us to deliver the most robust asset management systems available.

Additionally, Foundation LogicSystems’ Asset Manager program can seamlessly integrate with all HID transponders to help businesses accurately track their assets while eliminating steps and labor costs from the process.

Foundation LogicSystems is recognized as a worldwide industry leader.

We are very proud that our company has become a global RFID software developer and total solutions distributor that utilizes the latest technologies, with asset management systems in North America, the Middle East , Australia, Africa, China and New Zealand. Our mission is to continue developing and growing until our RFID tracking and management systems are on every continent.