Simply the Best Asset Management Software You Can Find!

Foundation LogicSystem’s Asset Manager maintains detailed information about every asset owned by your property – accurately recording location, status, availability and use history. Track assets and know when its location changes. Determine the actual life cycle of each item, know your current inventory levels and establish accurate future purchasing requirements.

Automate Your Processes

Assign assets to specific rooms
Know what to purchase, when and how much
Receive ordered assets and automatically add to data base
Take real time inventory quickly and more accurately

Real Time Inventory

With the Asset Manager, taking inventory is incredibly accurate and no longer labor intensive. Process thousands of linens simultaneously without the need to touch a single item. Hand-held computers can scan up to 900 items per second!

By using our specialized RFID reader hardware options you can process large amounts of assets simultaneously, reducing labor hours by eliminating the need to handle each item.

How it works! Foundation LogicSystems Asset Manager Software

See how the Asset Manager works


Comprehensive Inventory Module

Counts up to 100 tags per second
Search inventory by asset type, inventory date, acquisition date, status, and availability
Search by location, division, department and group
Inventory management capabilities including modifying a data set’s location, status, availability and group

Individual Location Profile Screens

Location type
Respective, organization, division and department
Establish and monitor par requirement by location
Assets allocated to the location
Assets loaned to the location

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Uniform Manager Reporting
Asset Summary Reports
Summary of your assets by organization, department, location, group, type, style and availability.
Location Assignment Report
Record of all assets assigned and loaned to a location, including the date and time.
Purchase History Report
History of all assets purchased including ordered, received and on-back order.

Asset Manager Software Screenshots

Linen Manager :: Physical Inventory
Linen Manager :: Purchase Requisition

Can Be Used for Multiple Solutions

Take inventory in real time. Know your complete stock of assets and where they are located at all times. Plan a proper replacement budget, control man hours and cut waste.

Your bottom line will benefit from using Asset Manager. Control costs. Spend less time and money replacing and tracking assets. You won’t make a better decision this year than utilizing Foundation Logic’s Asset Manager. It’s time to stop throwing good money after bad!