The Best System Around to Control Towel Assets!

Towel Manager is a pool towel tracking and management system specifically designed to control and automate towel operations at hotels, resorts, casinos and spas. A washable RFID tag is sewn into the seam of every pool towel. The RFID tag provides each towel with a unique identification number, allowing your staff to know where each and every towel is at all times.


Tracking and Controlling

Guest swipes their room card to identify themselves
Towel is handed across the counter to the guest
An RFID scanner located under the counter reads the tag number
Towel is allocated to the guest’s hotel record
Soiled towel is scanned automatically upon return and dispatched to the laundry

Reduce Employee Hours

All soiled items are scanned at one time when sent to the laundry, and towels distributed to guests are automatically registered to that guest by a scanner under the clean towel counter. New asset purchases are also scanned and entered into inventory automatically.

Photo of Reader scanning multiple items at once

Towel Losses Eliminated

All towels given out are automatically registered to the guest. When the towel is returned, it is taken off of the guest’s record and all unreturned towels are billed to the guest’s room.

Towel Manager Features Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Outstanding Linen Report
For all items not returned from cleaner.
Inventory Summary Report
Listing of specific quantities in inventory.
Required Purchases Report
Purchases needed to bring inventory to required par level.
Guest Accountability
Know about towels not returned by guest.

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Towel Manager verifies precise items and quantities sent to be laundered on a daily basis.
  • When clean towels are received from the laundry an Outstanding Report will determine the pool towels not returned by guests.
  • Guests are held accountable if there are missing towels on the Outstanding Report and can be automatically charged.

Through the use of the installed RFID tags, pool towels can be allocated to the guest’s record, guest usage of pool towels is monitored, bins full of soiled towels are read in seconds as they are dispatched to the laundry. All of this tracking and accountability add up to cost reductions and savings for you!