• Umstead-Logo2“The barcode system has always done everything you promised and now the upgrade to UHF RFID you recommended is spot on-Thanks”

    Jason Seehafer
    The Umstead & Spa
    Jason Seehafer, Executive Assistant Manager of Hotel Operations, The Umstead & Spa

The Most Renowned Asset Management System on the Market!

Uniform Manager is specifically designed to automate staff uniform operations in hotels, casinos, hospitals, resorts, theme parks and other uniform intensive industries. Our software interfaces with auto dispatch conveyors, and uniforms can be picked up 24 hours a day. Everything Uniform Manager provides is designed to save your operations time and money!


Easy Asset Tracking and Automated Processes

Reduction in Lost Garments
Know at the click of a button who has what and how many!
Vendor Accountability
Be sure that every uniform that goes out to be cleaned or repaired comes back to you.
Labor Reduction
Process hundreds of garments per second without handling a single item!
Reduction in Purchasing
If it never disappears, it doesn’t need replaced…

Uniform Manager’s extensive reporting capabilities include:

Employee Assignment Report
Listing of all garments assigned and to whom
Loaner Report
Track garments on loan and not returned
Required Purchases Report
Keep inventory at required par level for smoother daily operations
Inventory Detail Report
Detailed listing of specific quantities in your inventory

RFID tags or barcodes are incorporated directly into garments, allowing for total automation of:

  • Assigning garments to employees
  • Receiving soiled garments for laundering
  • Tracking garments sent to and from cleaners
  • Purchasing new garments and receiving ordered garments from suppliers

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Manage Reports :: Cleaning Bill Report (Summary)
Manage Reports :: Termination Slip
Manage Reports :: Assigned Garment Report

Bottom Line Savings Benefits

Employees Are Accountable
Provides accountability for uniforms at the employee level, resulting in reduced shrinkage. Automated payroll deductions are possible with an HR system interface.
Vendors Are Accountable
Tracks vendor performance to ensure an accurate count of garments sent to and returned from cleaners and suppliers.
Uniform Inventory Kept at Optimal Levels
Provides historical tracking on life of every item to verify linen items are in accordance with specifications and replaced when required.
Comprehensive Reports
Ensure optimal inventory levels are maintained for daily operations and to prevent unnecessary uniform purchases.
Employees Have Proper Uniforms
Provides historical reporting on life of every garment, verifying garments are in accordance with specifications and replaced at the correct time.

The biggest benefit your company will realize from using Foundation Logic’s Uniform Manager is Additional Profits! Spend less replacing and tracking assets and do it with less man hours. All of your decisions should be this easy!