Distance, Sensitivity and Durability

Foundation Logic’s uniform and linen management systems incorporate the most reliable RFID tags produced by industry leading companies. We test every tag provider we use to verify that the dynamic range, speed and resilience promised is delivered to you.


A leading global supplier of RFID technology.

Datamars offers a complete range of RFID identification solutions for all linen and uniform requirements. They are an ISO 9001 certified company and have been developing important RFID-based advancements for 30 years.

Datamars two tags

 Datamars’ FT 301 NOVO UHF


Datamars’ FT 401 NOVO UHF


These ISO 18000-6C compliant UHF tags perform high speed, bulk reading without requiring a direct line of sight, at distances of up to 6 meters (19 feet) with guaranteed tag performance and endurance.

The FT 301 & 401 NOVO UHF RFID tags used by Foundation LogicSystems in our uniform and linen management systems is designed specifically to perform flawlessly through the demanding rigors of high volume industrial laundry applications, while offering you a sound ROI. Readable up to 6 meters (19 feet).

  • Proven endurance – tested for over 200 cycles in real laundries
  • Available in sewn, heat sealed or pouch
  • Compatible with all chemicals common in the washing process
  • High-volume bulk-read applications
  • Tags are thin and flexible
  • Suitable for autoclave

Download the Datamars FT 310 NOVO UHF data sheet for additional specifications.


Fujitsu logo

Wash, Rinse, Track, Repeat



The requirements for RFID tags, such as size, weight and read range, vary depending on the deployment scenario. To meet every need in the linen and uniform asset management field, Fujitsu provides a range of RFID tags. Fujitsu tags perform at peak levels in the demanding environment of industrial laundry.



Fujitsu tag water cropped PING

Fujitsu WT-A521/A522 UHF




The flexible WT-A521/A522 UHF RFID tag is used by Foundation Logic for its extended range, accuracy, durability and proven performance. Utilizing the efficiency of check-at-once inventory management with state-of-the-art UHF tag technology, uniform and linen receiving, shipping, and tracking is improved.

  • More than 6 feet reading distance
  • Enhanced temperature range for autoclave sterilization
  • Small, flexible construction ideal for uniforms, linens and textiles
  • Meets ISO/IEC 18000-63 and EPC Gen2 industry standards
  • Enables efficient work processes for asset management and inspection
  • 100% non-magnetic construction
  • Accurate and durable with proven ROI
  • Versatile tag configurations

Download the Fujitsu WT-A521/A522 UHF data sheet for additional specifications.





Global leader in RFID technology




LinTag™ Heat-Seal

Tiny textile tags that endure up to 300 commercial laundry cycles.


LinTag™ Stitch

Tiny textile tags that endure up to 300 commercial laundry cycles.

LinTag™ Embed

Tiny textile tags that endure up to 300 commercial laundry cycles.

SlimFlex™ Waterproof RFID Tag

Pliable HF and UHF tags that withstand exposure to harsh elements, chemicals, pressure and torsion.


InLine Tag™ Plate

Thin, robust UHF tags that mount to any surface material and deliver long read ranges.


InLine Tag™ Ultra RFID Tags

Robust, all-purpose UHF RFID transponders mount to any surface, and supply long read ranges worldwide


IN Tag™ RFID Tags

Robust low, high and ultrahigh frequency RFID technology that perform in tough conditions


Keg Tag RFID Tags

LF and UHF RFID transponders for tagging metal returnable transport containers


Bin Tag RFID Tags

RFID tags that withstand the harsh environments of waste management


Epoxy Tag RFID Tags

Extra thin LF and UHF RFID tags with withstand extreme environments


Seal Tag RFID Tags

Durable HF and UHF tags with integrated cable ties enhance tracking while protecting industrial container contents.


High Temperature Label

Wafer-thin UHF RFID tags that can tolerate the harsh conditions of industrial processing.


HID Global Videos

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Linen Tags That Endure Up To 300 Commercial Laundry Cycles

HID Global LinTag™ transponders apply securely and discreetly to textiles, enabling RFID tracking of high-volume, commercially laundered bed linens, towels and garments.

In contrast to garments like uniforms, linen like bed sheets or towels are washed more frequently and have to endure a tougher cleaning and drying process. Historically, this made using RFID to optimize inventory and accounting processes difficult or impossible to implement for linen. HID Global’s LinTag robust design combats the industrial wash cycles for linens, withstanding the rigors of repeated washings, cleaning chemicals, sterilizing heat, and pressure. The patented design securely positions the inner chip relative to the antenna, which guarantees consistent performance over the life of the tag.

Easy application – attach discreetly via hem, stitch or heat-seal – no pocket needed
Extreme durability – resistant up to 300 commercial laundry and dry cleaning cycles
Reliable performance – consistent readability cycle after cycle

Industrial laundries and commercial cleaners are using RFID technology to improve inventory control, reduce labor requirements, and optimize the lifecycle management of individual textiles and garments. Real-time traceability delivers more accurate and timely billing, and enhances customer satisfaction. Healthcare organizations are also tagging linens and gowns to monitor usage and inventories, automate distribution, and reduce shrinkage and staffing needs, relying on LinTag transponders to survive repeated cleaning and sterilization