• The Setai“I would like to state that for the first in my long career in the Hospitality Industry, I can hold our Laundry Vendor accountable for every piece of linen and terry that we have been dispatching daily.”

    Setai Fifth Ave Hotel
    R.K.Ambat, Director of Finance, Setai Fifth Ave Hotel

Simply the Best Asset Management Software You Can Find for Linens!

Foundation Logic’s Linen Manager maintains detailed information about every item of linen in the system, accurately recording location, status, availability and use history. Track linens and towels to the laundry and back. Determine the actual life cycle of each item, know your current inventory levels and establish future purchasing requirements.

Linen Flow Sheet

See how the Linen Manager works

Automate Your Processes

  • Send linens with exact count to laundry
  • Receive linens and know what’s outstanding
  • Assign assets to correct linen closets
  • Know what to purchase, when and how much
  • Receive ordered linen and automatically add to data base
  • Take real time inventory quickly and more accurately

Real Time Inventory

With Linen Manager, taking inventory is incredibly accurate and no longer labor intensive. Process thousands of linens simultaneously without the need to touch a single item. Laundry Hamper Reading Stations can scan up to 900 items per second!

By using our specialized RFID reader hardware options such as the RFID Enabled Laundry Chute andLaundry Hamper, you can process large piles of linen simultaneously, reducing labor hours by eliminating the need to handle each item.

Scanning linen into system

Complete and Accurate Reports

Standardized reports help you track what was sent to the laundry, what was received from the laundry, and what items have not returned. Linen Manager features an intuitive user interface that simplifies performing data queries and report writing.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Manage Reports :: Linen Report (Summary)
Manage Reports :: Cleaner Dispatch Report (Summary)
Manage Reports :: Departmental Cleaner Billing Report (Detailed)
Manage Reports :: Outstanding Linens at Cleaner (Flash Report)

Extensive Reporting Capabilities Include:

Outstanding Linen Flash Report
A piece-count by type of linen shipped, received and outstanding for any date range.
Dispatch Report
Tracks what items were given to each individual.
Inventory Summary Report
Shows where linen is located and whether clean, dirty, discarded or lost.
Acquired Inventory Report
Gives the quantity and value of all linen put into service for any given date range.

Save Money by Using Linen Manager

Here’s how:

Reduction of Lost Linen
You’ll know which employees have which garments, allowing you to hold employees accountable for garments they lose.
Reduction in Purchasing
Keep inventory at optimal levels and purchase only the linen than is needed.
Vendor Accountability
Know which vendor has which linen and hold them accountable for loss.
Labor Reduction
Realize savings through RFID driven automation of linen processing and accounting tasks.

Return On Investment

Your bottom line will benefit from using Linen Manager. Spend less time and money replacing and tracking assets. You won’t make a better decision this year than utilizing Foundation Logic’s Linen Manager!

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